Electron Beam Evaporator (EBE)


The CreaTec Electron Beam Evaporator is designed for evaporation of low vapor pressure materials - either from wire, rod or crucible - under true UHV conditions. A high precision control unit is used for the instantaneous variation of all necessary parameters. The EBE-C version is used for carbon doping in MBE applications. A pyrolytic graphite rod is heated by electron bombardment to a maximum temperature to evaporate elemental carbon of highest purity. The design prevents any ionized species leaving the source.



TEMPERATURE RANGE up to 2700 °C 200 - 2200 °C up to 2700 °C up to 2700 °C
HEATING SYSTEM e-beam heating bombardment | self-supported wire filament e-beam bombardment | wire filment
MAX. POWER 0,3 kW 1,7 kW 4 kW 6 kW
FLANGE SIZE DN 40| 63 (others on request) DN 63 | 100 (others on request) DN 160 | 200
EVAPORATION FROM rod or 0,8 cc crucible pyrolitic graphite rod 4/5 cc crucible 7/15 cc crucible
MAX. VOLTAGE TARGET 1 kV 1,5 kV 8 kV 10 kV

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