Molecular Beam Epitaxy



What does MBE stand for?
MBE is the abbreviation of Molecular Beam Epitaxy.

What does that exactly mean?
MBE is an epitaxy method for the thin-film deposition on single crystals*.

* A single crystal is a sample without defects and no grain boundaries. They have unique properties that are industrially used in technological applications, especially in optics and electronics.

What is manufactured with MBE technology?
With MBE it is possible to manufacture semiconductors devices, like transistors for communication appliances.

Which constraints does this process require?
The MBE requires UHV (ultra-high vacuum) conditions. A UHV environment is characterized by pressures lower than 10-8 – 10-12 mbar that allows the films to growth with the highest achievable purity. A UHV environment is very important for scientific research, because experiments often require a chemically clean sample surface with the absence of any unwanted adsorbates.

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What does CreaTec contribute in this process?
CreaTec designs and manufactures UHV equipment. We implement complex customers’ requirements in MBE and evaporation systems, also for special materials and with automatic transfer systems. We also provide solutions for all kind of PVD (physical vapor deposition)* applications as well as complex analysis solutions.

* PVD is the name used for a variety of vacuum deposition methods. In a PVD process, the material goes from a condensed phase to a vapor phase and then back to a thin condensed phase.  

How does this manufacture process work?
First our clients contact us and explain all the singularities of their project. Then we design and develop systems in close collaboration with them, usually with the support of CAD software. After clarifying the details and technical acceptance, all the systems are assembled under Class 10 cleanroom standard to fulfill the ambitious requirements.

Is that all?
No. We also produce equipment and evaporators* to be used in the MBE systems. That is why we are able to offer complete systems from one source with all advantages for our costumers.

*CreaTec Evaporators are used in UHV evaporation systems to generate ultrapure molecular and atomic beams from a large variety of elements and compounds. The operating temperatures can range from -80 °C to 2400 °C.